Friday, January 22, 2010

Bad, Bad Words!

I just finished typing quite a long post and went to my Pictures Folder to retrieve the five pictures that went with the post. No pictures. What the . . . ? Had I mislabeled them? Painstakingly scrolled through every last folder but no pictures that went with the post.

I distinctly remember deleting the pictures from my camera because I was sure I had transferred them to the computer. Apparently, I'm hallucinating again. Sigh. The pictures are nowhere to be found. Post makes no sense without the pictures. Sigh. Dang, I hate it when I do stoopid things like that.

Forty-five minutes before what my husband has decreed as bedtime tonight. He is setting an early alarm to get a jump-start on a scheduled boys' day out tomorrow. He and a friend are driving a ways down the road, but there's a chance all will be cancelled if the weather doesn't look good in the morning. The forecast is for rain, sleet, snow, high winds and who-knows-what other things falling from the sky and blowing through the air for the whole weekend through Monday. No one around here would mind if it were to be just snow as we still need more to cover up some of the ice we already have on the ground. Even going out to do animal chores these days is mighty risky business.

Our nearly 13-year old dog, Zoey, hasn't been feeling well for the past few days and we've wondered if she hurt herself in some way (possibly internally) falling on the ice. She doesn't seem to understand at all when we try to tell her she's got to move a little more cautiously these icy days. Tearing off at high speed across the yard or down the driveway has caused her to take more than a couple of hard falls on the ice lately. But she is definitely feeling better today (finally ate her normal amount of dinner tonight and even chewed a little on a rawhide bone) so she could have just had a case of dog flu, too.

I baked a batch of Oatmeal Cookies today. The first baking I've done since my over-the-top Christmas baking during which I think I must have gone through about 25 pounds of sugar and almost as much flour. I did too much. Got lots of thanks from folks I gave goodies to but I'm not (I'm hereby putting it in writing) going to do that much again next year. My timing on the cookies this afternoon was not good. They came out of the oven a little after four o'clock and the devil made me stuff about six of them in my mouth and for some reason, I wasn't too hungry for dinner tonight.

Sorry you missed an interesting post because of my weak mind and/or deteriorating brain cells and got this drivel instead. Believe me, from now on I'm checking three or four times to make sure I've uploaded pictures before deleting them from my camera. Bad words, bad words, bad words.


Jo said...

We are forecast for the same! A town just to the west of us in SD has half their pop without power already. We have flashlights, jugs of water and extra blankets at the ready! Hope you fare well with the weather.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jo - It's 5 A.M., we're up and going but no sign of the storm yet. Our temp stayed right at 33° all night long. I think your area is more in the midst of the bad weather than we are . . . so far.

Stay warm and cozy! Snuggle in and enjoy the weekend.

Erin said...

At least you waited until they came out of the oven! I made my "everything cookies" as my husband calls them the other day, oatmeal, dark choc chips, wheat germ, soy flour, nuts.... well I just sat there eating the dough while I watched the cookies bake. Of course later my kids say "aren't you going to have a cookie with us?"....uhhhh, no, I had my fill before they were even done! Be careful on that ice! The few times we get ice on the back deck the dogs tear off and down the steps and inevitibly end up in a pile of herding-dogness at the bottom of the steps, then look up at me as if it's my fault. Then an hour later, they can't seem to remember and do it again! For such "smart" dogs they sure are dumb!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Erin - I know what you mean about the dogs . . . wouldn't ya think that they would feel the ice/slipperyness right away on their paws and have a recollection of, "Oh, yeah, this is the stuff that makes me fall flat and kinda hurts."? It's always like the first time they've ever experiences those conditions.

Oh, no! Not another raw cookie dough eater! That doesn't tempt me at all but but husband is BAAAD about that.

Just came in from outside chores and am thankful to have made it once again without falling. Sure hope we get some of the forecast snow . . . for traction if nothing else.