Wednesday, December 9, 2009


I'm happy to report that my website designer/administrator daughter's computer system is back up and running (keep your fingers crossed) and my Featured Quilt of the Week post is now on my quilting blog.

Now if I could just talk her into coming here and dealing with my Christmas cookie baking situation . . .


  1. Can I come over and bake cookies with you? When I was growing up, the Christmas cookies were our one nod to my mother's small portion of German heritage: Leckerli and Springerli (sp?) were featured, and it was my job to decorate the tops of all the Leckerli cookies with their lemon juice/powdered sugar glaze and snippets of green and red cherries.

    This year, I am determined to get SOME cookies made, but I have no idea when... all the cookies and the Dundee cakes should have been made weeks and weeks ago, then hidden away in tins. *sigh!*

    On another note (honk!), I love the new header!

  2. MaineCelt - Seems like I need SOMEBODY to come help me get on with it! And I'd love to have it be you. Bring the recipe for the Leckerlis . . . anything with lemon or lemon flavoring turns my crank.

    Regarding the new header, I should have put a line under it: "Honk if you like the new header photo."

    HAHAHAhahahahaheehee . . . oh my.

  3. Hmmmm, too bad we live so far apart - I have been dying to get rid of my family for the day so I can listen to Christmas music and bake Spritz cookies! (Hubby isn't much for the Christmas music and my kids just want to play with my Spritz gun, lol). Getting together and baking and drinking some Bailey's & Coffee would be fun... I can dream, huh? Looks like I will be hunting for cookie gun discs in the kids' room and puppy's mouth instead...good times....

  4. Unrealistic I know, but wouldn't it be a blast if all of us blog gal pals could get together for a day of cookie baking? Yes, it would.

    I laughed out loud of the thought of you looking for the cookie gun discs. At this point of your life, you can blame just about anything that goes awry on either the boys or the dogs!