Thursday, December 3, 2009

Why Did It Seem Like Saturday Today?

Boy, is my time clock whacko. For some reason, all day today I've been feeling like it's Saturday. Don't know what to attribute that to but maybe it will make it seem like I've got extra time this week?

Our temp was only 14° when I got up this morning. And even though we actually had sunshine (hooray!) for most of the day, the thermometer didn't go above 20°. The wind didn't help things feel much warmer either. Each time either of us went outside, we came in with much the same sentiments. "Gosh, it's cold out there!" You can tell our blood isn't quite thickened up enough for winter yet.

First thing this morning I got the season's second batch of fruitcake in the oven. For a special holiday twist, I added dried apricots and cherries this time around. (I hadn't purchased dried cherries before and received a jolt of sticker shock when I did.) But, hey, it's Christmas! (Hope they taste good in the fruitcake.)

My freezer's supply of soups has sunk to a new low lately so I've been feeling some pressure to rectify that situation. Yesterday I got a double recipe of Wild Rice with Turkey stored away and this morning I made some Beef Barley which is now in the freezer. After lunch I started a huge pot of Bean Soup and will add some leftover ham for flavoring. (I looove Bean Soup!)

Started another couple gallons of kombucha. (I'm still going to do a post on kombucha, MaineCelt. I promise it WILL get done eventually.)

This year I've vowed to wrap Christmas presents as they arrive in the mail. How's that workin'? Well, let's say I'm a wee bit behind already. Maybe tomorrow. Yeah, tomorrow. I'll definitely get on it tomorrow. (Somebody hold a big club over my head, please.)

I'm having to BUY eggs for my holiday baking, and it's just killing me. Our chickens are still on strike. We're getting an egg or two a day but not nearly enough for our own needs. That's what we get for not ordering new chicks early this past spring. They would already be laying by now and the "old girls" would be in the freezer. The two or three batches of chicks that our good mama hens hatched this summer won't be ready to start laying for another month or so.

Earlier today I did a post over on my quilting blog showing a really cute apron I made. If you're interested, take a little side trip over there and have a peek.


Mama JJ said...

I'm buying eggs from the store (and/or a neighbor), too. It makes me mad, what with all that grain we're pouring down the chickens' throats.

It was 55 (maybe 60) today AND sunny. Makes me feel like I live in the deep south when I read about your weather!

Jenyfer Matthews said...

Okay, the first time I read this post I thought you said you had added dried CHEERIOS to your fruitcake and did a double take! What? They are pretty expensive too :)

Erin said...

buying eggs? I know that must drive you crazy! One of the things I hate about not being around for the Thanksgiving leftovers.... Turkey & MN Wild Rice Soup, and Ham & Bean soup! Good luck restocking the soup supply, I am sure your house will smell good while you are cooking!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Mama JJ - You DO live in the deep south compared to us!

You hafta wonder what's wrong with the chickens' egg making systems when they're eating all that laying mash . . . and not laying!

Hi, Jen - Gotta admit I do LOVE Cheerios . . . but not in my fruitcake, thanks. (Wonder if they'd stay crunchy?)

Erin - I'm happy to report that The Great Soup Restocking Project is going well enough that I'm running out of freezer containers. Will have to start slipping the frozen soup blocks out of the rigid containers and storing in freezer bags if I keep making more. I'm lucky my better half loves soup so I like to take advantage of it . . . an easy meal! Almost like convenience food (once it's made), but so much healthier.