Monday, December 7, 2009

A Good Day

I feel better now. The house is decorated for Christmas AND the tree is up. I feel better now.

This year I've really been looking forward to turning on the tree lights when we get up in the dark and then again in the late afternoon. Near total darkness is upon us at 5 PM now.

I guess I've been a bit lazy because as of yesterday morning, the Thanksgiving decorations were still out and about . . . and it's unusual for me not to put them away the weekend right after Turkey Day. But I did get a lot of things done last week that had been "hangin' fire" for too long. That's my excuse and I'm sticking to it.

But now throughout the house the oranges and browns of the Thanksgiving/fall decorations have given way to the reds and greens of Christmas. And I must admit tonight I'm feeling a lot more in the holiday mood since the house is decorated for Christmas.

We have another half size tree again this year. No choice but to have a small one because of our small living space. But if all goes as planned and we get our remodeling done this coming summer, a year from now we just might have room for a bigger tree . . . one that actually can stand on the floor instead of on top of a cabinet.

The light snow covering we got last week is still on the ground. The forecasters are saying our first real snow of the season will be arriving tomorrow and Wednesday with perhaps 6-8" accumulation. The second week in December? I guess it's time.

Lots of cookie baking on the agenda for this week. And present wrapping. No excuse now that I have a tree to set the presents under. I did all my shopping via phone or Internet this year and I'm still waiting for a few things to arrive. Only ran into one back order that won't make it for Christmas. Not a bad average.

Gotta go warm some soup for dinner now. Wild Rice with Turkey for Roy and lentil for me. Maybe a little dish of homemade applesauce for dessert . . . since no Christmas cookies have made an appearance yet.


  1. Hey, I made your quasi cabbage rolls tonight! They were delicious and such a quick, easy meal to prepare after a long, slow Monday at work! Thanks!

  2. I need to get goin! the tree is up. That's it. Wish I was as far along as you with the holiday prep!

  3. Such a pretty tree! We just got ours today. Now to find where we stashed all the decorations ...

  4. We're actually looking for a small tree this year. I am so SICK of wrestling big trees. I like yours. And it's already decorated. Hmmmm....

  5. The tree looks great! Ours is a full size, but really, really skinny to fit in our small living room! I even baked fudge, macaroons, and molasses cookies on Sunday in honor of the Vikings game... to bad the team didn't get the message that such hard work went into our little game day dessert spread, lol! I love Christmas pictures, and can only imagine what your homestead will look like after the snow is all settled on the trees... my kids already think their Grandma & Grandpa live at the North Pole, they would be beside themselves to see your place even further north and more remote... sounds like heaven to me! Enjoy your tree and have a warm beverage for me...

  6. Hey, Claire - Oh, that really makes me feel good! Even though it's been more than a few years, I well remember coming home at night and trying to get a quick, easy (and yet yummy and nutritious) meal on the table when you don't feel like doing anything but plopping on the couch! So glad this recipe worked for you. And you're welcome.

    Hi, Beth - Getting all the decorating done REALLY gave me a boost. Now if the cookies were all done . . . ;o)

    Jo - Thanks! My "problem" with the decorations is I'm still hanging on to ones I should have sorted through and tossed years ago. I need a little organization so there are less of them to store!

    Hi, Sue - Don'tcha wish you could take a tree like this at the end of the season and just stash it away somewhere (in our copious storage areas . . . yeah, right) fully decorated and then simply pull it out next year and save all the work of getting a new one and decorating it? (Dream on!)

    Hey, Erin - I'm sure you're more organized than any of the rest of us, Ms. Queen of On-Top-of-It! (You're my inspiration, no foolin'.)

    Before you send the boys up for a couple of weeks (tee-hee!), wait til we get a few bucket loads of snow so they can really see winter!

    I'll toast to you with my Bailey's tonight, how's that?

  7. I'm so impressesd!

    Alas, I will have to live vicariously though you this week. I am not EVEN close to being remotely ready for Christmas. I have a photoshoot to finish editing and a funeral to help with and a little boy home sick from school. Maybe next week.... :O

    By the way, I love your idea about spraying the ashes before removing them. Brilliant! It seems obvious, but I'm sure it would have never crossed my mind. Thank you.

  8. Hey, Mrs. Mama - Isn't it funny how "life" sometimes seems to conspire against us getting anything "done?" If we can just get our minds in a place where we realize that what comes up is important and needs to be done now. The other stuff (pertaining to Christmas and all) will patiently wait for us and be there when we get to it.

    Regarding spraying the ashes, it doesn't eliminate ALL the ash dust, but sure does help.

  9. What a pretty little tree. Looks very festive. I guess I'd better get mine out and set up tomorrow....

  10. Ruthie - Thanks! I can't believe how much more in the Christmas spirit I am since I got the tree up. And the lights add so much to these short days!