Friday, December 18, 2009

Does Half An Inch of Snow Count?

Yay! We got some snow yesterday. Okay, so it was only about half an inch but it did help a bit to make things look all white again . . . sort of.

There were little footie prints all over this morning inside the fenced in poultry yard. We think it was a pine marten looking for a chicken dinner, or maybe breakfast. Fortunately, all the birds were locked up safely last night and Mr. or Ms. P. Marten left hungry. The only other critter it might have been would be a small fox but we don't think a fox could have gotten in between the openings in the fence. (I can just hear some of you that are knowledgeable regarding animal tracks snickering at us for not knowing the difference between a pine marten and a fox print. Sorry, but I am ignorant on this count. Very ignorant!) I feel bad to know that there are hungry animals out there but pine martens can do terrible damage to domestic birds. We know that from experience.

Our weather has warmed up in the last couple of days. The thermometer went up to the high 20s today, but it was very damp so that you got chilled even though it should have felt warm after our well below zero weather.

I'm making a conscientious effort to notice and enjoy the holiday decorations around the house this year. I have so much to be thankful for and I want to try to actively appreciate it more.

This is one of my favorite Christmas decorations. It's a counted cross-stitched sampler our daughter made for me several years ago. (Silly goose stayed up until the wee hours of Christmas morning finishing it that year.)

It pictures five Santas wearing different traditional costumes and is quite detailed. I think it's done on 20-ct. cloth (which is very small) and although I've done a little counted cross-stitch, don't think I could have soldiered on through to finish something like this. At any rate, I really treasure this piece and will enjoy it forever.

I've had a batch of fudge cooling on the back porch for a couple of hours now. I think I'll go see if it's set up enough to cut. It's a new recipe and I sure hope it's good because I think I've got about a hundred dollars worth of ingredients in it! Wish me luck.


Jenyfer Matthews said...

Love those Santas! That is truly an heirloom piece. She doesn't happen to be participating in the "pay it forward" game, does she? ;)

Erin said...

Let us know how the fudge turns out! I too, have an expensive dish going, just started the Wild Game Chili (Elk, Antelope)... it better taste phenomenally better than if I would have used anything else or I will be upset, LOL! Our latest Nor'easter started in the middle of the night, so by nightfall we should have some SNOW! It's a good thing we weren't planning a road trip - the mountains of VA are expected to get 18-24 inches of snow today! Unfortunately, some of our friends had to cancel their plans to go home for the holidays due to the weather, so we keep adding guests to our party tonight! I think I will do a post showing before & after pics, i.e. clean house & house full of kids, people, food spills, mud on the floor, LOL

Mama JJ said...

For once we have more snow than you---a foot (at least) and counting. The kids are thrilled, but I'm stressing that the power will go out any second...

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jen - I'll make sure my daughter hears of your kind words regarding her cross-stitching talents! Sad to say, she hasn't done much the last few years and now seems to be really getting into crocheting as her handwork of choice. Never enough time for everything, is there?

Hey, Erin - The fudge may have turned out TOO good. Although I don't have the usual "sweet tooth", I sampled (and sampled and sampled) last night while I was cutting and packaging the fudge right before I went to bed. Ooooh, bad move. Had quite the rumbly tumbly while trying to fall asleep.

I've been following your predicted SNOW. What's wrong with this picture? You may get two feet and our grass is still sticking up? Not fair!

Hi, Mama JJ - Hoping your power hangs in there. Nothing stops a homemaker in her tracks like not having electricity! The kids must be going crazy playing in the snow you've gotten. Will you get a White Christmas out of it or will it melt right away?

Jody M said...

Half an inch! Ha! Try 19 inches yesterday!! Taller than the dog!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jody - I KNOW! What are we doing wrong up here that we can't get a decent snow cover? It snowed ALL DAY today but it was so very light that it hardly amounted to anything. Just. Not. Fair. :o(

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