Thursday, November 12, 2009

Night Visitor

Check out this little guy we spotted on a feeder on our front deck last night.

It was right before bedtime when Roy looked outside and saw movement on the hanging feeder on the deck. A flying squirrel! We hadn't seen one of them in a very long time.

Years ago they seemed to be much more prevalent in our neck of the woods. We would hear what sounded like a crash landing on the roof, and then one would go tromp, tromp, tromping to where he could make a short flight onto a feeder.

This fella wasn't shy at all about having his picture taken. Even as I crept closer and closer, he just kept munching away.


  1. Those are so cool, aren't they? We had one visit our feeder when we lived in the U.P. of Michigan. I miss seeing them......

  2. So that's where the reindeer myth comes from!

  3. very neat! I had to show the kids!

  4. Sue - They look so incredibly SOFT. I'd love to pet one.

    Mama JJ - Do you know, they sound as loud as reindeer would? It really kinda freaked us out the very first time we heard them. (Wouldn't it have been cool if it had been Christmas Eve??!)

    Erin - I wanted to get a full shot of his face but he was so busy chowing down, he couldn't be bothered to look at me.

  5. They are such cuties. I've never seen one although I hear they do have a presence in far SE MN down along the Mississippi. Thanks for sharing yours with us.

  6. Ruthie - Gosh, I never stopped to think that they weren't prevalent all over the state. Maybe some night I can get some better pictures for you.