Thursday, November 19, 2009

More Ducks

I'm obviously on a duck kick. Here are some more mallard pictures. When I came in the driveway yesterday afternoon, there were upwards of 40 mallards (they move so fast it's hard to count) swimming in the pond.

Where's a good wide-angle lens when you need one? This is just a small section of them. (The two white blobs are domestic geese making sure all goes well in THEIR pond.)

"Grain? Did I hear the sound of a can of grain?" Here are the hungry troops waddling up for a snack.

"Where's the corn? I like that yummy corn!"

"Here it is, here it is! Mmmmm, gobble, gobble, gobble."

Okay, enough. I'm done. I've had my wild duck fix for the day. (Aren't they beautiful though?)


Jennifer said...

Wow, look at all of them! Just beautiful! It must be fun to have them around. Great pictures.

Just stopping by to say hi and thanks for commenting on my blog.

Sue said...

I just love ducks-they are so funny to watch....the wiggle their butts so cute.
Hmmmm. That sounded bad. But you know what I mean!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Jennifer - I've been a reader of your blog for some time now . . . makes me kinda homesick for when we kept goats. They are still my very favorite homestead animal.

Thank you for stopping by A Home Grown Journal.

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Sue - Yup, they sure fly and swim with a lot more grace than they walk! We have one female mallard with only one leg. She hops right along with all the rest. This is her third year back to see us so I guess she knows how to get along with her handicap!

RuthieJ said...

In a normal northeastern Minnesota year, would your pond have been frozen over by now Mama Pea?
Mallards are my favorite ducks too....I love to hear their duck "conversations."

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - Yesterday morning the pond was skimmed over with ice and all the ducks were congregated where the water flows in . . . and where, of course, the water was still open.

To answer your question, we like to ice skate on the pond on Thanksgiving and it's usually kinda "iffy" whether the ice will be thick enough. But, most years, the ice has formed solidly enough so that the quackers are gone by Thanksgiving.

Doesn't look like the skates will come out this year though as the skim ice disappeared quickly yesterday and this morning it's 40°!