Friday, November 27, 2009

A Knitted Treasure

This morning I wrote on my quilt blog just how close to the ground my wagon is draggin' today. I also told a bit about our Thanksgiving yesterday so I won't repeat that here.

We often put up our Christmas tree the weekend after Thanksgiving, but I'm gonna need a heavy dose of zip, vim and vigor before that happens this year. I'm developing a theory: When you have a full life and can never seem to find time to fit in everything in a normal day's time that you want/need to do, throwing in holidays (and all that entails) has a tendency to push one over the edge. My whole body is rebelling today and refusing to get out of first gear.

No segue here (none, zero, nada) but . . . last year Ruthie of Nature Knitter posted a "Pay It Forward" blog in which she said she would send a handmade gift to the first three people who left a comment for her. I was one of the lucky first three commenters and I received my "Pay It Forward" package in the mail this past week.

Look at this! She made this GORGEOUS multi-colored hand knit shawl. She thought I might like it because the knitted pattern resembles quilt blocks.

It's an ample 16-1/2" wide by 66" long. And so soft, and so warm. (I wonder if the livestock will fully appreciate it when I wear it out to do chores?) No, no, no, never worry. I'll be saving this lovely gift for special occasions . . . far away from chicken poop.

So . . . now it's my turn to "Pay It Forward." I will send a handmade gift to the first three people who leave a comment on this post requesting to join this Pay It Forward exchange. I don't know what that gift will be yet and you may not receive it tomorrow or next week, but you will receive it within 365 days, that is my promise. The only thing you have to do in return is pay it forward by making the same promise on your blog after you receive your gift from me.

Come on now. Don't be shy. The gift you receive or in return send doesn't have to be large or complicated, simply something you have made with your own little hands. (Personally, I lean toward working with styrofoam egg cartons and glitter. Just kidding!) I'd love to make something for each and every one of you . . . but only the first three will qualify this go-round. Anybody?


  1. Well, okay, I'm in! But what a challenge, seeing as I don't think I've made anything since I was a kid in school, and I don't have a blog about making things! I'd find another way to pay it forward, though, among the blogging community.

    P.S. That's a beautiful shawl!

  2. Oh Mama Pea, the Modern Quilt Wrap is so you!! I'm glad it went to such an appreciative recipient who can give it a much better home than I could have.

  3. Oooh, what a lovely idea! (said the person who hasn't forgotten she owes you a Wise Tiny Creature!) The shawl IS beautiful. What a treasure!

  4. P.S. Technically, MamaPea, YOU are the third commentator here. So...whatcha gonna send yourself?

  5. MaineCelt - No, no, no, you have to be one of three to comment saying you'd like to JOIN "Pay It Forward!" So are you saying YOU'D like to join? Huh, huh? You do owe me a Wise Tiny Creature? Are you trying to mess with my mind? (If so, you can see you're being very successful.)

  6. Me, a joiner? Well, I'm more of a glue-and-stitch than a mortise-and-tenon kind of gal, but...


    (There. How's that?)

    P.S. There IS a Wise Tiny Creature coming your way... I'm just not sure if it'll reach you closer to the 1st or the 12th day of Christmas! That's what you get for being my Fairy BlogMother!

  7. MaineCelt - I wonder how many people reading your comment got your oh-so-witty and yet subtle verbiage, you little wordsmith, you.

    I would be greatly honored to have a Wise Tiny Creature in my possession but there had better be an invoice included with it because I said I wanted to BUY one from you. That's only right since when you become rich and famous because of them, I'm planning on selling mine to a museum for trillions of dollars.

  8. Hey, Kate - Thanks for being big and brave and joining the "Pay It Forward" challenge.

    Would you please send me your mailing address (and maybe e-mail?) by clicking on the CONTACT ME button on my right hand sidebar? Then I'll know where to send your fun-thing when I get it done.

    Thanks again!

  9. Mama Pea, I sent my address and e-mail.

    And I'm grinning ear to ear. I don't know what I got myself into, but I have time to try to be creative. And thanks for the opportunity to be involved in something that seems simply joyful.

  10. Hi, Kate - I just know the experience WILL be joyful! But keep in mind that the emphasis isn't on big or expensive or time-consuming but rather something you've made with your own hands.

    The reason I got the lovely Modern Quilt Wrap from Ruthie (and I know she wouldn't mind me telling the story) is because she had started knitting it for herself and then realized that she would never wear it. So when I joined her Pay It Forward and she knew I was a quilter, she asked if I would like it.

    So I really lucked out in being the recipient but it's certainly not required that anyone put that much time and effort into their gift. We just wanna encourage all of us to get back to working and creating with our hands. For heaven's sake, even a homemade greeting card would be wonderful!

    Let's stay in touch. :o)

  11. I have a weakness for shawls and that one? TO. DIE. FOR. Love love love the colors and the pattern. Lucky you!

  12. Hi, Jenyfer - Welcome aboard! You are officially the third person to join in Pay It Forward.

    However, since you were slightly tardy in voicing your willingness to participate, you will be required to pay ME an extra little handmade gift. I would like one of your quilts, king-size please, and hand-quilted. [Tee-hee! ;o)]

  13. Hmmm... I though that it was up to the artist to decide the "gift"? Or, since you said there was no time limit, I suppose you are willing to wait? (and wait and wait and wait?) ;D

  14. Jenyfer - Well, since I'm MUCH older than you, if you hold off long enough on my king-size, hand-quilted quilt, I'll probably kick the bucket long before you so you'll get out of it all together. ;o)

  15. Well, if time is an issue then perhaps a hand quilted Christmas ornament will do in the meantime?

  16. Hi, Jen - You know I wasn't serious in "penalizing" you for joining late . . . but if I've managed to cajole a little handmade item out of you, I would be honored and so pleased to have a quilted tree ornament from you! And I will reciprocate in kind with one of mine for you.

    By the by, that reminds me, I need your mailing address for the Pay It Forward thingie I have to send you within the next . . . uuuh, 360 days! You could send it to me via the "Contact Me" button on A Home Grown Journal.