Saturday, November 21, 2009

I Think We'll Steal Her

You don't usually see pictures of little ones on this blog. We don't have grandchildren so there aren't a lot of little people running around our house.

Our daughter is a nanny for a couple of babes with another to be added in a week or two. One of her little charges is an almost two-year old. Daughter grew up with this adorable child's father and his brother. The munchkin's grandparents moved to this area right about the same time we did so the family connection goes way back.

Often on a Friday, Daughter and Munchkin will stop by of a morning for a visit and stay for a little lunch. Such was the schedule yesterday.

As soon as Munchkin came in the door, she wanted "Papa Roy" to read a book to her. He explained that he couldn't right then but would a little later.

And so, this is after lunch, snuggled on the couch.

Although the book was interesting . . .

. . . Munchkin soon found something else to capture her attention so Daughter took her place on the couch with her dad to hear the end of the story.

Although barely two, she already knows many letters of the alphabet, can count, and sing the Alphabet Song . . . when the spirit moves her. Drawing with colored pencils is fun!

As you can see, she already has quite the inborn fashion sense.

We ended up with three extra bantam pullets that hatched this summer which Daughter said she'd like, so here they are ready to be transported to their new home. Papa Roy asked the munchkin if she would like to feed them a little grain. And indeed she did. Can after can after can. They left well supplied for the journey.

There are so many people who love this little child that we would never be able to get away with stealing her . . . but no doubt about it, she's stolen our hearts.

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Anonymous said...

We loved what you wrote, and are so glad Munchkin has you two to love her, too. We sure did appreciate this journal entry!

S & J / Nana & Papa