Monday, October 12, 2009

Entry Inspiration from Ruthie

Ruthie over at Nature Knitter had a post today that reminded me of a framed poster that I have hanging in our bathroom. It always gets a comment from everyone availing themselves of our facilities for the first time. I found it in a gift shop years ago and would give credit to the original author but have no idea who that might be, so here it is:

Minnesota - Closed for glacier repairs.

Land of many cultures . . . mostly throat.

Minnesota . . . come fall in love with a loon.

I came, I froze, I transferred.

Save a Minnesotan. Eat a mosquito.

One day it's warm, the rest of the year it's cold.

Minnesota. . . home of blond hair and blue ears.

Where the elite meet the sleet.

Minnesota . . . have you jump started your kid today?

Many are cold, but few are frozen.

You are entering Minnesota. Use alternate route.

Minnesota Theater of Sneezes.

Land of 10,000 Petersons, Andersons, Johnsons and Nelsons.

Survive Minnesota, and the rest of the world is easy.

In Minnesota, ducks don't fly south. People do.

Minnesota . . . glove it or leave it.

Land of two seasons. Winter is coming and winter is here.

Jack frost likes Minnesota. He spends half his life here.

Minnesota . . . mosquito supplier to the free world.

Minnesota . . . where visitors turn blue with envy.

There are only two things you can grow in Minnesota . . . colder and older.

If you love Minnesota, raise your right ski.

The way this winter is starting out, the above may become all the more meaningful this year. (And yes, it is snowing as I speak.)


Sue said...

Yea, but don't you guys get to eat Lutkfisk (something like that...)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Sue - You were close . . . it's lutefisk. Not having one drop of Scandinavian blood in me, I've never eaten the stuff. But because of the large part of the population up here that is, people do partake of it. Usually around Christmas time and as dinners served in many of the churches.

For a short time, we rented an upstairs apartment in town over an older couple. She made it a couple times a year and we almost had to vacate the premises because of the AWFUL smell. (It must be an acquired taste!)

RuthieJ said...

Oh that's so funny! I've never seen those sayings before.
P.S. I'm Norwegian by marriage only--I hate lutefisk! (there's not enough butter and cream sauce in the world to make it taste or smell good to me)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - I'm with you all the way on the lutefisk! As I said, I've never tasted it, but WHY would anybody put something that smelled that bad in their mouth??