Monday, September 21, 2009

A Visit From A Famous Writer And Co.

Some of you may know Catherine Friend either as an author of books or from reading her blogs, Farm Tales and The Inkslinger. She and her partner, Melissa, write and farm in southeastern Minnesota. Catherine had a presentation and booksigning this past weekend way up here in the northwoods at our little local bookstore so she and Melissa and their Griffon dog, Molly, came north for a weekend of some business and some relaxation.

Melissa is on the left, Catherine on the right. The fuzzy one is well-behaved Molly. (Not to infer that Melissa and Catherine were NOT well behaved.)

It was so nice to get to meet Catherine in person. I can now assure you her personality that shines in her blogging is true to form. And, Author Girl as she refers to herself, is a craftsperson. Does she know her craft! Does she love writing! Does she have a boatload yet to write about!

Catherine gave a very interesting, informative and witty presentation Saturday night at the bookstore. Sure is a lot more to becoming a published, successful author than is generally known.

This is a shot of Catherine booksigning after her presentation.

I didn't know what Melissa would be like although Catherine has said in her blog that Melissa makes her laugh every day. This I can now understand fully. Melissa with the beautiful smile and mind that never stops! You can't be in the same room with her without seeing the gears churning and getting caught up in her zest for life.

Both gals were super-easy to be with and get to know face-to-face. Which just goes to prove that although there certainly is a dark side to the Internet, there are also many, many wonderful people that you would never get the chance to know (and even meet!) if it weren't for the technology offered through our computers.

Melissa on left, Short Stuff (that's me) in center, Catherine on right. Molly, almost in picture in front.

Sad to say, it was a busy, busy weekend and we never managed to be in the same spot with Chicken Mama so we could get a picture of the four of us. But Catherine and Melissa did make the hour ride out to Chicken Mama's on Sunday night for dinner and saw a deer, a fox and a bull moose on their way back to the cabin around 11 PM.

Look what they brought me. Some beautiful, natural, undyed yarn from their very own farm raised sheep! Catherine and I talked about dyeing natural wool but it all sounds a little technical and scary to me so for a while, I'll just enjoy touching and looking at this (very soft) wool in its natural state while trying to decide on something special to knit with it.

Thanks for the visit, gals. It was fun!


RuthieJ said...

Great story Mama Pea AND you got some yarn!
Isn't it great to meet your internet blogging friends in person? Someday, we will meet too.....

Mama Pea said...

You betcha, Ruthie. I know we will!

Erin said...

I am so jealous! I read Hit by a Farm & The Compassionate Carnivore and couldn't get enough! It reminded me of when my own parents chucked city life and started raising sheep in the 80's in Red Wing (where I'm from). The Compassionate Carnivore was so informative and just plain good reading that we read it aloud in the evenings with our children. I wasn't sure if they would get anything out of it, but I was wrong! My 6 & 4 year olds are always talking about "humane meat" and always give thanks to the animal that provided us our dinner, and love riding along to the local farm that provides our meat when we stock up. When I found her children's books, I think I got them all, and 'The Perfect Nest' was the 1st book my child read aloud to me all by himself! If they are half as wonderful as their personalities come across in books, I bet you had a great time! And the yarn looks divine!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Erin - Yup, Catherine and Melissa are definitely "good people." And just wacky enough to be a lot of fun to be around.

Catherine said...

Mama Pea forgot to mention that she spoiled us rotten---homemade coffee cake, homemade cookies, bags of fresh popcorn for the drive home.

And her husband found a rock pick and hammer so Melissa could sit on the ground like a little kid and split open rocks to see if there was anything interesting inside!

And Mama Pea, I didn't know you quilted. Were those your quilts in the Hafweh Haus? Oh, so lovely.

And Erin, what an amazing story about your kids and "Carnivore." Thanks to you, they're growing up with a much healthier relationship with livestock, and meat.

Yes, blogging is good. So many amazing connections we can make with each other...

MaineCelt said...

So good to read the various blog accounts of your meeting and to be reminded of the joys at the heart of our shared experience of farming...
We've had a rough week here--another bank turned us down and we lost a friend to cancer--but we're trying to keep our focus on the promise and possibility of the future.

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - So, so sorry to hear financial woes are still plaguing you. It just shouldn't be so dadblasted hard for two good people trying their best to do things the right way.

Try hard (and it can be so difficult at times like this) to see and concentrate on only the positive around you. Appreciation is a powerful energy to send forth. Remember the vibrations you emit, the universe sends right back at you.

Sending lots of good thoughts for peace, serenity and abundance to descend upon you.