Thursday, August 6, 2009

It's The Little Things . . .

When we got done with the inside and outside remodeling of our place here about twelve years ago, we tackled some landscaping. Among other things, we purchased three rose bushes. Two of them bit the dust the first year after being planted, and I nursed the third one along for a couple more years before giving up on it.

Because it wasn't totally dead, I didn't want to just toss it so I asked Roy to replant it by our L.P. bulk gas tank which was kinda sitting right out there in the open with all its ugliness on display. We planted a couple more things near the tank in our attempt at camouflage, and also let some wild bushes and shrubs grow up.

All in all, not much attention was paid to the little rose bush except every now and then when one of us went to read the gas tank we would notice that it was still hanging on although it never bloomed.

This year look what has appeared.

Okay, so it's not the most gorgeous thing you've ever seen, but I have gotten more joy this summer out of seeing those proud little roses blooming away, just like they know what they're doing. Who knows, now that it's come this far, in a couple more years it may cover the whole gas tank!


RuthieJ said...

Oh that's purdy!! An excellent cover for the LP tank. (so nice to see the sun was shining for you too!)

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - We HAVE been getting some sun lately! Only snafu is that about three times during those sunny days, it will cloud up and unleash a downpour on us. Won't last for more than 5 minutes but sufficiently wets everything down so you get soaked just walking across the lawn or trying to work in the garden again. Crazy!