Monday, August 3, 2009

Beat Up, But Bloomin'

I got a little carried away with nasturtiums this year. I planted them in planter boxes, in hanging baskets and half pots that hang on the side of the house.

Their colorful blossoms and lush foliage have always appealed to me and I think they're one of my favorite flowers. Unfortunately, this hasn't turned out to be a very good season for them.

This is a line-up of planter boxes on our deck railing.

Pretty bedraggled and beaten. The high winds and pounding rains have taken their toll.

I have a couple of these half pots on the side of our house. They're in a spot that seems to get a lot of wind and maybe not enough sun. (How COULD they get enough sun this summer when the big, yellow orb refuses to grace us with its presence?) These poor gangly guys seem to be either reaching for more light and warmth or perhaps just a sheltered spot to hide in.

I had visions of nasturtiums cascading in lovely waves out of these hanging baskets but I think they look more like they're battling sea sickness (notice the sickly white/yellow leaves?) from the constant rocking motion our gale force winds frequently provide.

But bless all their little blossoms, they are trying their best and doin' a good job of providing bright spots of color even though the plants look like they just crawled out of bed after a rough night.


troutbirder said...

What a great idea. Need color in a boring spot. Plant nasturtiums. First time visitor looking at all the fun posts. Thanks

Mama Pea said...

Hi, troutbirder! Thanks for stopping by. I've enjoyed your comments on Ruthie's blog for some time.