Tuesday, July 7, 2009

I Give Up

One of our hens hatched out five little chickies on June 24th and I've been trying to get some decent pictures of them ever since. I have not succeeded. I'm giving up. This is all I have.

Mama and four of the little ones when they were a few days old. Mama Hen is a Cuckoo Maran and the chicks are of distinctly indeterminate origin.

Whenever I get within 25 feet of the poultry yard with my camera, Mama Hen says, "It's the paparrazzi, children. Don't look!”

Someday, when we get organized, we'll have our different breeds of chickens segregated, the strains will be kept pure, and everyone will stand still and pose for me when I want to take pictures.


RuthieJ said...

What cute little chicks!

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - Mama Hen says thank you. She's a good mama and is of the same opinion as you!

Chicken Mama said...

Makes me wish I had more than my 1 little guy (actually, I think it's female).

Funny, though, that both of ours that went broody were Cuckoo Marans . . . that obviously says something about the breed & being great mamas!

Mama Pea said...

Chicken Mama - Yupper, happily the natural broodiness hasn't been bred out of the older, more traditional breeds of chickens, like the Cuckoo Maran.

Amazing when Mama Hen has these little guys out running around (miles each day!) and eating bugs and green grass within days of being hatched, but when we order day old chicks, we have to keep them in a brooder under a heat lamp for WEEKS. Sure says something for doing it the natural way!