Saturday, July 11, 2009

Flowers In My Garden Today

Because of our cold weather and slow start to the garden this year, most everything is still behind where it would normally be this time of year. Matter of fact, I made the mistake yesterday of looking at some pictures of the garden I had taken on July 17th last year and I could hardly believe how retarded everything is this year! Looked like about a month's worth of growth to me. I'm so, so glad I made the decision not to grow for market this year. If I hadn't, I'd be ga-nashing my teeth and tearing my hair. As it is (whew, and thanks be to whatever spirits helped me make the decision NOT to market garden this year), I can be philosophical about it and rest easy in the knowledge that there's nothing I can do to change the situation. Relax, breathe deeply, enjoy the (albeit late and small) harvest we've already gotten from the garden and will (barring snow in August) get yet.

As walked through the garden this morning and talked to everybody (luckily, they haven't started talking back yet), I was surprised at the number of blooms and blossoms I saw.

We've got a lovely bed of California Poppies . . . juuuust lovely.

Potato blossoms are really very pretty, don'tcha think? Almost orchid-like. Not really, but kinda sorta.

Truly thought I was gonna lose all my geraniums. I put them out when the weather was still quite cool because they can take a little frigidness, but the leaves turned brown and I thought they were all done. Tough buggers, though, and they've chirked up right nice.

Perky, pretty, pansies. Can't go wrong with 'em.

The marigolds are doing fine, too.

Blossoms on one variety of peas.

The very first zinnia to bloom.

Only a few blossoms hanging on to the Bleeding Heart plants.

Big, bold, beautiful zucchini flower.

It was lack of sunshine (well, warmth, too) that almost did my petunias in. But they've rallied and made it.

The nasturtiums are finally starting to bloom. (A couple anyway.)

And, lastly, the Nine-bark hedge is putting forth millions of teeny, tiny flowers.


Chicken Mama said...

Pretty, pretty post, Mom! Matter of fact, I'd like to talk to you about the rights to use that pea blossom for Chicken Mama Originals!


Mama Pea said...

Chicken Mama - Weeelllll, it'll cost ya!

RuthieJ said...

Wow, what a variety of colorful blossoms you have there. I especially like the California poppies.

Mama Pea said...

Thanks, Ruthie - Me, too regarding the California Poppies. Here I've been kvetching about the Sweet Peas (my very favorite) and Morning Glories just not growing (let alone blooming) but when I took my camera out the other morning and started taking pics of things in bloom, I was amazed at all the blossoms we do have right now.