Wednesday, June 24, 2009

Lovely Lupine

At the back of our yard, behind some trees, is a cleared, graveled space where we have our wood working area, storage for things we don't want visible from the house, etc. Just past that, and before our woods line begins, is a short, steep slope that's grass and weed covered. About three years ago, a couple of lupine plants popped up there which we were glad to see. Lupine grow wild up here and I think they're beautiful.

The next year there were a few more and now this year we have a very respectable stand of them. Lupines can be shades of pink, purple, or white but, so far anyway, all of ours are this lovely purple color. They make nice bouquets when brought in as cut flowers. So, so pretty.

We had an absolutely gorgeous day today weather-wise. I didn't check although I'm sure in the sun it was well into the 80s but we had very little humidity (yay for our side!) and a wonderful breeze all day long. Both Roy and I ended up getting more sun on exposed skin than we maybe should have. That's what happens when you're wearing turtlenecks well into June and then all of a sudden a tank top is too warm.

I got lots of weeding done in the garden and flower beds around the deck. Most everything is now under control . . . except the strawberry patch. Seems that the straw I used for mulch had oodles of oat seeds in it and now the whole patch looks like a healthy stand of grain. Ugh. Sometimes ya can't win for losin'. It's going to be a struggle to get those robust green shoots out that have come up right through the heavy straw mulch. But it's all part and parcel of having a garden and growing things . . . and I do love doing that.

Not relating to much anything in particular, I want to share a quote I recently came across by Todd Rowe, Director of the American Medical College of Homeopathy. He said:

"Hearing a call and not following it creates disease within each of us . . . Healing happens for us to the extent that we identify what we love and live that in our lives.”

Time to shower, climb into bed and get rested and ready for another good day tomorrow.


RuthieJ said...

Your "volunteer" lupines are beautiful Mama Pea. Glad to hear you're finally getting some decent summer weather.
I found the tops of my peas and beets nipped off this afternoon.....the culprit left behind some distinct hoofprints! Thank goodness I still have some Liquid Fence left over from last summer.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - Are we ever getting some summer weather! 82 degrees in the shade this afternoon. I had to put shade cloth covers on my spinach and radishes.

I don't know how you manage to garden without protective fences. We could never get by without ours up here. Hope the peas and beets survive so you get some, too.

MaineCelt said...

Beautiful lupines...and a very salient quote. It may relate to nothing in particular for you, but these particular words are quite helpful to me just now!

Mama Pea said...

Hi, MaineCelt - I think I wasn't very articulate in what I was trying to say . . . I meant the quote didn't have much relation to the other thoughts/ramblings in my post but, oh-my-oh-my, the quote is VERY applicable to me at this particular point of my life. And so glad they were helpful to you, my friend.