Tuesday, May 26, 2009

Pluggin' Along

Something strange seems to be affecting our garden soil this spring. Not something really bad like a fungus or disease of any sort. But as I'm trying to work it up before planting it's much . . . much . . . much "harder" is the only way I can think of to describe it. The field garden is so much like cement that I asked Roy to get out the "big" garden tractor and run the cultivator over it so it would be easier for me to work up with my little rototiller as I plant each individual crop.

This shot is of him a couple of days ago going over all the soil in the field garden except the 16' x 16' strawberry patch which is (finally) all set and ready for the season. One would think with all the moisture we've had this spring, the soil would be much more friable. Even the garden beds, in which the soil is really full of humus and better than the soil in the field garden, don't feel just right to me and I'm not getting as nice a seed bed as I usually do. It will be interesting to see if we get any significantly different harvest results this year.

The raised beds are getting gradually planted out. Not a lot to see yet but I'm hoping some seeds are doing their little sprouty thing down under the dirt.

The pumpkin patch in the foreground is ready and waiting to be planted. The last two pictures above were taken just a few minutes ago . . . in the rain. Yes, it's raining again. And the temp is only 49 degrees so I won't be planting any pumpkins or squash out there until it gets significantly warmer. That's the field garden including strawberry patch out beyond the bare pumpkin patch.

One more cold, wet spring when I started my tomato plants too early. Sigh. They're not yet as gangly and anemic looking as the ones last year ended up being before I could get them out, but I sure wish I had waited two weeks later than I did before starting them this year. I'm tempted to put them out under a cold frame and hope for the best. Gee-golly-whiz, I wish our temperatures would warm up! Unfortunately, the forecast is for more of this current weather all week long. Patience, Mama Pea, patience.


RuthieJ said...

Everything looks good Mama Pea. I'm happy to see that your grass has gotten nice and green and there are leaves on your trees. Hopefully the weather will warm up enough soon so your garden can catch up too.

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - This cool, wet weather seems to be just the thing for growing grass. It's been cut once and really needs it again, as you can see from my pics. And I know my flowers and veggies will start growing . . . all we need is some warmth!

MaineCelt said...

Your soil may be a bit hard ad chunky, but at least it's not like the clay soil where I grew up. My first year in Maine, I wrote to my mother and described, with amazement, my first experience of gardening in sandy loam. I had no idea a bed could be worked over without shovels, pickaxes and potato forks!
My mother wrote back and apologized for all the years of back-breaking work she asked us to do in the garden. "I didn't want to make you hate gardening," she said, "but that soil needed so much work; it was more than one person could do."

Mama Pea said...

MaineCelt - Oh, I can so relate! The first property we owned up here (and lived on for 17 years) was nothing but RED CLAY. Boy, was that a challenge to whip into decent gardening soil. So I know of what you speak! Thinking back, I've got NOTHING to complain about now.