Sunday, May 17, 2009

Just Sunday Night

Uff da. Tired. Back hurts. Dirty. Need shower. Help. And so ends another fun-filled day on the homestead. Hey, I'm not complaining. What feels better than the physical tiredness that comes from working hard outside in the fresh air? If somebody would just help me into the shower . . .

Moved a lot of stuff around outside today. Trailers, cold frames, many pieces of split wood. Happily, we used a vehicle to hitch up to and move the trailers with but still, muscles were used and abused at various times during the day.

Didn't get to more transplanting and seed starting inside. The day was just too beautiful to spend time indoors. It's still not warm out but the sun graced us with its presence all day and I actually worked up a sweat finishing the weeding in the blueberries. Besides, I felt I had to make hay while the sun shines. We'll probably see snowflakes again tomorrow.

Checked e-mails before dinner tonight and was greeted with some warm fuzzies. My husband's younger brother has started a delightful Sunday tradition. He e-mails an old picture or two to the whole fam damily scattered across the nation and we've all taken to replying with thoughts and memories that the pictures evoke. It's turned into a great way to make all of us separated by so many miles feel closer together. Mom and Dad lived close to and then with him and his family when they passed away so he "inherited" many family pictures and mementos. Today he sent a picture of a Mother's Day card my husband gave their mom when he was 6 years old. Things like this make me wish I were more of a "saver." Their mom certainly was!

Also received a note from my brother. A daughter of one of our cousins on my dad's side of the family is into geneology and had contacted him for some information. My daughter is also very into this and we need to get the two of them together via e-mail as I'm sure they both have information that would fill in blank spots on the family tree. As I mentioned to my brother in my return e-mail, in the years since our folks have been gone, I've thought of so, so many questions I wish I had asked them. Why didn't this occur to me when I still had the chance to quiz them? Let this be a lesson to all of you out there who still have relatives to ask questions of and get information from. There will come a time when it's no longer possible.

Okay, full, full week coming up. Plus the push of spring time and all that entails. Ugh. I just realized I still have my yucky garden shoes on. Honey? Will you come untie my shoes for me? I don't think I can bend over.

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