Sunday, May 10, 2009


I've been wanting to learn more about herbs and their cultivation (an area in which I'm sadly quite ignorant) for a while now. This will be the third year I've managed to overwinter sage, rosemary and thyme . . . and, of course, chives which you can hardly kill off. But otherwise that's been the extent of my "herb garden.”

A week ago yesterday was the opening for our local greenhouse that sells started perennials, annuals, and hanging baskets of flowers along with vegetable and herb plants. The day was so darned cold and windy that everyone there was wearing a jacket buttoned up to the throat, so you can imagine how heavenly it was to walk into the heated greenhouse . . . the sight, the smell, the ambiance was almost overwhelming.

The only purchase I made was these seven little pots of herbs. The herbs always sell out quickly so I felt justified in getting them even though it will be a while before I can plant them out. Wish me luck. I've never had a lot of it before in growing herbs. But I plan on doing some book learnin' and maybe in a year or two, the garden bed I've designated for herbs will be thriving and a sight to behold . . . or planted out in carrots.


Claire said...

I've found that herbs seem to do best when put in crappy soil (NOT literally) and neglected.

Mama Pea said...

Claire - Well, no WONDER I've had such bad luck with them. Bad soil, neglect . . . I can do that.