Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Ice Storm Update

According to just posted reports, another freezing rain blob of weather is moving into our area this morning. I think I can testify that it has arrived because when I went out onto our deck a few minutes ago to take these pictures, rain drops and ice crystals both were dropping on my head . . . making a lovely, tinkling sound. (There is beauty in everything if we but look for it!)

This is the nannyberry tree at the side of our deck where the birds like to rest or perch to crack open the sunflower seeds they pick up at the bird feeders.

You can see why they're having a little difficulty hanging on to their perches. It doesn't seem to be deterring them though. One minute I look out and the tree is full of finches, the next it's holding a whole congregation of chickadees.

Also, the first of our returning Mallard ducks showed up yesterday. (Fine weather for ducks, eh?) The pond isn't showing open water for them yet but they land on the ground under the bird feeder that's on a post in the yard and vacuum up dropped seeds. Despite the current weather, spring can't be far behind with the return of the wild ducks!


Melissa said...

You're right about there being beauty in all things. Ice on trees is so pretty. On another note, I noticed on another post that you drive a toyota tercel (?)4 wheel drive. When I was in high school in the late 80's, I really wanted one of those. I still would like one! How old is it? It looks great.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Melissa! Our Toyota is an '85 (I think I previously said it was an '84 - whoops) and we had extensive body work done on it this past summer. My husband always keeps our vehicles in top-notch mechanical condition but the winters (salt on the roads) are horribly hard on the bodies. I LOVE this car. I can go anywhere with it because of the 4-wheel drive, it's got room for 4 people (5 in a pinch) plus a dog (or 2) in the way back. A 'hatch back' can't be beat for hauling big loads with the back seats laid flat. Wish they still made the Tercels.

Melissa said...

That's awesome! Talk about getting your money's worth out of a car! My first car was a Tercel, but not that model-it was the precurser to the corolla sedan. Toyota makes a good product.