Thursday, March 26, 2009

Cold Out There, Warm In Here

Gadzooks. Can't remember the last time I made good, old, plain, white bread. The idea came to me this morning in bed at 5:10. A blasted foot cramp woke me around 5 and by the time I got up, walked (hobbled) around the house trying to coax it to go away, made a bathroom stop . . . (Do you know what Batman does first thing every morning? He puts on his batrobe and goes to the batroom . Sorry, I just had to insert that.) . . . Where was I? Oh, yeah . . . I made a bathroom stop and crawled back into bed. The logs we put in the wood stove last thing last night didn't catch. Therefore, it was a mite chilly in the house and getting back into our warm bed seemed like a really good idea. But more shut-eye for me 'twas not to be. I was wide awake so laid there mentally planning my day. For some reason (basic hunger?) I started thinking of homemade bread. From there . . . well, that's the thought process that evolved into these two loaves of bread.

(Hmmm, I think I see French Toast with Blueberry Syrup in my near future.)

It's now mid-morning and the temp reads 28 degrees. (That's outside, we have managed to get things warmed up inside.) Another windy, gray, damp day with snow flurries. Somebody tell me there is still a sun somewhere out there, please? We sure haven't seen any sign of it in a couple of weeks. Makes it tough for people relying solely on alternative solar energy. I surely don't recall such winter-like weather hanging on into the end of March very often. Guess it just shows to go you that Mother Nature still maintains the upper hand. We who choose to live in the northern states just need to take a couple extra doses of Patience when waiting for spring.


MaineCelt said...

Beautiful, tempting bread! The Bagpiper's getting nostalgic for her bread-making days. I'm not sure I can allow her to make this one, though, 'cause I don't think I could keep my paws off it! I'm stickin' to those yummy oatcakes!!!

There is sun, by the way. We saw it here for the first half of the day. It stuck around just long enough to thaw the four-inch-deep mud between our house and the henhouse before disappearing behind the onrushing dark rain-clouds.

We're supposed to get a real gully-washer overnight... hope it drowns all the varmints and spares the good 'uns! I expect we'll need hip-waders to get to the barn in the morning. (Yep, I'm revvin' up for a game of "our mud's deeper than your mud!")

Mama Pea said...

Hey, MaineCelt - Thanks for the assurance that a sun does still exist.

When speaking of the expected gully-washer, you said " . . . hope it drowns all the varmints . . ." Was the word varmints a subtle euphemism for "certain plumbers?" (Tee-hee.)

In all seriousness, I really do hope your plumbing work is progressing now and you're close to finished on that long, long, looooonng awaited goal. You and The Bagpiper have had to endure more than any one should on that score.

RuthieJ said...

that bread looks delicious! Do you make your own blueberry syrup? (I'm getting hungry just thinking about it!)

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie! Blueberry Syrup recipe coming up tomorrow!

MaineCelt said...

Along with that blueberry syrup, how about some PLUMB jam? Yep, as of this writing, we are pretty much plumbed. Everything's in but the bathroom sink, and I've already "processed" two of the overgrown broiler birds in the kitchen sink. Yippeeeeeee!

Mama Pea said...

Hey, MaineCelt - All I can say is: Congratulations, Hallelujah, and 'BOUT TIME!! I'm so happy for you.