Sunday, February 8, 2009

It's The Little Things

I've always been drawn to miniature knitted things like mittens, sweaters, socks. They're just so . . . well, for lack of a better word . . . cute. I've been given some and purchased some, and also knitted some myself. (But in case you get any erroneous ideas, you'll never catch me knitting such things as Barbie clothes. Eeeuw. Shudder!)

I didn't make any of the above but love using them as decoration around the house in the winter. You can hang them on drawer pulls, the pegs of a hanging/drying rack, on a miniature clothes line strung from one point to another. (For reference, the gauge in the picture is 6" long.)

These three sweaters are hung in my quilting room as winter time decoration. They're about 6" long. Purchased, not knit by me.

The socks and mittens above I did knit, and I've made many of them over the years. They're attractive tied on the top of gifts, around jars of homemade jam given in the winter months, or as a jumble of them in a little box given as a gift for the recipient to do with what they will.

I just found a pattern book to order containing various patterns for 2-1/2" long knitted sweaters that I'm anxious to get. There is also a source for teeny tiny hangers for the sweaters. I'm thinking these will be nice little gifts to give as Christmas tree ornaments. (Our tree each year has knitted miniature bells I've made, but I'm not motivated enough to unpack the tree ornaments to post a picture of those.)

Maybe the reason I like to knit these little items is that you don't have to make a second duplicate sock or mitten. And who can complain about a sweater that takes only an hour from start to finish?

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RuthieJ said...

One year I made a whole bunch of those little mittens, socks and hats. They're fun to knit and cute.