Sunday, January 4, 2009

Sharing Our Snow With You

We didn't get as much snow yesterday and overnight as was forecast . . . about 8" rather than the 10-12" expected. But unlike all the other snows we've gotten this winter, this was a heavy, wet one.

First thing this morning, I put Blueberry-Raspberry Muffins in the oven before we took a hike out the driveway to see how things looked. All of my pictures, sad to say, are a little dark because the sun was still hiding behind clouds. We were actually thinking we might get some more snow. But that didn't happen and now, after I've taken all my gray, gloomy pics, the sun is shining so brightly I've had to shut the blinds over my desk as I type this.

With the snow coating each and every little branch, the pattern makes me think of waffles. (Should have eaten before we went out.)

Or is it more like some kind of lace?

Back at the house, we started in on the paths from house to animal pens.

Zoey the Wonder Dog looks as if she might be stalking a goose. If she were, she'd end up getting her clock cleaned, but good.

Here I'm clearing the snow off the top of the geese's "solarium.”

Back up at the house again, I start in on the deck. Zoey looks like she's saying, "I'm sure there are two more steps down here somewhere.”

Oooof, that snow was heavy!

Roy shoveling snow off roof. And then I had more snow to clear off the deck!

And to think some people pay money and go to a gym for this kind of exercise. Hey, I heard that, Little Brother! (He just said he'd still rather be in Florida.)


RuthieJ said...

Are you out of the snow cycle for a while now? It looks like you've got enough to last till spring now!
My back and arms ache watching you shovel that deck and try to toss the snow high enough to get over the railing.

Mama Pea said...

Hi, Ruthie - Forecast is for 1-3" on and off for the coming week but no BIG snows predicted soon. I must admit both Roy and I were feeling the snow shoveling strain last night (my lower back didn't want to bend enough to let me get my socks off!) but we must still be in fairly good shape 'cause we're both feeling fine today. We've definitely got more snow now the first part of January than we've had ALL winter for many years past.