Friday, December 19, 2008

Haphazard Thoughts #2

  • Most movies leave me feeling I've wasted my time.

  • Old-fashioned good manners need to be brought back.

  • Plant a vegetable garden, no matter how small.

  • There are so many wonderful books to read, never plod on through one you're not enjoying.

  • If someone asks me to keep a secret, wild horses won't drag it out of me.

  • No one fails to be moved by a sincere, hand written, complimentary note.

  • I'm not tolerant of people who are habitually late.

  • We all need to voice our positive thoughts and feelings, not just our negative ones.

  • Try to find something funny in any upsetting situation.

  • Admit your mistakes without rationalizing your actions.

  • It's very hard for me to spend money.

  • I still have very fond memories of my most physically taxing job: Detasseling corn.

  • Don't waste time in any kind of a relationship with a dishonest person.

  • Listen to what your body is trying to tell you; it never lies.

  • When you lend an item, always write down what it was, to whom you lent it, and the date.

  • My physical surroundings are very important to me.

  • Smile. It makes anyone look more attractive.

  • I can figure out an intricate quilt pattern, but I can't program the VCR.

  • Never tell anyone the way they feel is wrong.

  • Be polite enough to return phone calls.

  • Who gets to decide what I "should" do?

  • I'm a slow learner in most things cerebral. I'm a quick learner in most things physical.

  • Bottling up your true feelings will make you sick. Always.

  • Am I the kind of person I'd like to be around?


  1. "I'm not tolerant of people who are habitually late."

    For your habitually late daughter and your habitually late husband, I can only say, "Uh Oh!!!!" (We're in trouble!)1

  2. I love your random thoughts and find that I agree with 98% of them (I'm the VCR programmer at our house). And just yesterday I took a half-finished book back to the library (the autobiography of Valerie Bertinelli which was just about the stupidest book I've read so far this year!)

  3. Ruthie - Well, you just saved me the trouble of ordering VB's book from Mail-A-Book. It was on my list, but I've just crossed it off!