Monday, December 8, 2008

Feels Like Winter Now

If you had averaged together our two divergent weather forecasts from yesterday, you'd be about right as to how much snow we got. I guesstimated about 3" when I went out this morning but after Roy shoveled, fed animals, and did a couple other chores, he said he thought it was closer to 4". I went to town for some early morning errands and all roads were very slippery even though they'd been plowed. Lovely, lazy flakes have continued to come down most of the day today but without too much additional accumulation. Temp at 6 p.m. was 20 degrees and the air feels full of moisture . . . perfect snowing conditions.

I took the following two pictures on our driveway when I went out this morning. I'm so happy to see the barren woods covered with a thick blanket of snow.

Lots of deer tracks on the driveway and into the woods although they don't show up on the picture below.

I did get our Christmas tree up and decorated today. Trust me when I say it looks best in the following picture . . . dark and blurry.

What were we thinking when we cut this tree? We knew it had one bad side but that was okay because it gets shoved up against a set of double windows anyway. We just didn't realize how HEAVY the branches on the opposite side of the tree were. And the three huge, gaping, bare spots really stand out now that the tree is inside. (Can't see them in the dark picture, can you? Hahaha!) Roy was helping me get the lights strung when he turned his back on the tree for a second. It started to take a header onto the floor. I screamed (well, it wasn't exactly a scream but more like an anguished banshee yell) and scared him half to death . . . but we both made a lunge and caught the tree before it went all the way over. One ornament, unfortunately, did bite the dust.

The second time it tipped over (I caught it . . . the old reflexes are still working . . . three ornaments hit the floor but none broke) we decided on drastic measures. We tied the trunk to each of the window latches on the windows behind it.

How many more days before I can take the wretched-looking thing down? Did I just mumble, "Bah-humbug!"?


RuthieJ said...

Well Mama Pea, I'm glad you're getting some snow. Your woods look pretty and so does your little Christmas tree. I had to secure my Christmas trees for years because of the cat liking to climb it, but now I just have a little one. I bet it smells heavenly in your house though, doesn't it? That's mostly what I miss about having a real tree (the smell).

Mama Pea said...

Ruthie - Yes, it feels good to know septic lines, trees and plants are now insulated from the brrr-cold weather.

Our very first dog was a Cocker Spaniel who pulled over the Christmas tree by trying to get the popcorn strings to eat!

You're right, the smell of a real tree can't be beat. Puts one in the mood for Christmas. I'm gonna go put on some holiday music!