Tuesday, November 25, 2008

A Few Slow(er Than Usual) Days

Not a lot going on around the old homestead the last few days. Roy was gone for two days on Sunday and Monday and I had a little difficulty convincing the dog that it really was okay to be home with just me for company, and that the big, tall guy that she couldn't find would be home in a day or so. The worst time was when I started my get-ready-for-bed routine Sunday night which seemed to signal to Zoey that her lord and master really wasn't going to be coming in the back door any time soon. First she started pacing around the house. (Usually she's zonked out on one of her beds immediately after her dinner.) So she and I had a little talk with me explaining the situation and assuring her all really was well. She seemed to take it to heart, felt a little better, but then laid down by the back door (which she never does), just in case he decided to come home early. Ah, kids . . . I mean dogs.

I'm cooking Thanksgiving Dinner here as I usually do. I've got the menu decided and the grocery shopping done. I plan on doing as much advance preparation as I can tomorrow so there will be more down time for relaxing and visiting on Thursday. We were eating dinner tonight when my husband casually mentioned that he was thinking of butchering some chickens tomorrow. Oh, no. Uh-uh. Not a good idea. After I explained that I would be involved with pre-Thanksgiving meal preparations most of the day and neither I nor the kitchen would be available for participation in chicken butchering, he said, "So, it's a good thing I mentioned my plans before lopping off a few chicken heads, huh?" Yeah, that was a . . . good thing.

How's this for a fiery sunset shot I took tonight? Cold, crisp and clear the weather was this day. Still no snow. But there's nothing wrong with clear and snowless roads because that usually means safer traveling for the holiday.

Happy Thanksgiving to you all! I hope your Thanksgiving Dinner is scrumptious and your time with family and friends delightful.


Chicken Mama said...

Euuuwwww! That's a horrible picture! Looks like town is on fire! (Although, I guess it's okay if one knows it's only a sunset!)

We got about 1/2" yesterday. Nice to have some white on the ground.


Mama Pea said...

Yes, Chicken Mama, tonight's sunset did truly look like an out of control fire. Initially when I happened to notice it and ran out with camera to snap the picture, I was just taken with how very orange/red the sky looked. Then when I got back in and transferred the picture to my computer, it struck me that it looked just like the recent pictures we've seen of those awful California fires.

You got snow? We've yet to see the ground covered!

RuthieJ said...

Our hounds are/were the same way when one of their "parents" was away....pacing back and forth to the door to be let out and look for that missing person.

That sunset picture is gorgeous.

Happy Thanksgiving to you and your family.

Claire said...

That picture of the sunset is GORGEOUS! I take it Chicken Mama was being sarcastic....

Mama Pea said...

Hey, Claire! No, that silly goose Chicken Mama couldn't get past the thought that my "sunset" shot looked like a raging forest fire. We all see things in different ways!