Tuesday, October 28, 2008

To Quirk or Not to Quirk

One of my favorite blogs is Maple Corners. (Check it out when you have the time.) The talented gal who writes it is, among other things, a fantastic photographer. In her blog this morning she offered an appealing contest to her readers. Any one who would submit to her a statement of what is "quirky" about themselves would be eligible for a drawing for a set of her beautiful note cards. Well, the cards are gaw-geous, so I submitted this.

William Hazlitt said, "I would spend my whole life traveling, if I could borrow another life to spend at home." I can truly state, "I would spend my whole life being totally lazy if I could borrow another life to spend pursuing the gazillion things that interest me.”

There is an extremely lazy person inside me, but no one who knows me would ever guess or believe it.

My husband, who obviously knows me better than anyone, says I don't really mean I would be "lazy" but rather I fantasize about foregoing any and all responsibilities I have, spending time taking care of myself, doing only what I want to do with no regard to what I should/must do, and lying on the couch all day reading and eating potato chips. (Okay, I made up the last part about the potato chips. However, I do LOVE potato chips!)

I dunno 'bout you, but there sure is a conflict in my life in respect to handling my responsibilities vs. finding the time to do enough of what nourishes my soul to keep me from becoming cranky. Really cranky. True, the life I have chosen to live deviates a bit from the norm and tasks involved therewith tend to fill up much of the time that others might have to spend playing golf, watching TV, traveling, going to the gym, getting a hair cut before things are totally out of control, etc., but the structure of my days is something I have chosen. And, make no mistake, I do not wish to trade places with anyone. (But I sure would accept a very large, anonymous monetary donation that would enable me to handle those aforementioned responsibilities with less time and hassle!)

I wonder if ol' William H. ever found out where to borrow that other life he spoke of?

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RuthieJ said...

Oh Mama Pea--I have the same problem. I look forward to those rare days when Mr. Johnson goes to work and I don't have to--then I can stay in my pajamas until 10 AM while knitting and watching birds with a cup of coffee nearby (and only feeling a little guilty about chores not getting done)