Sunday, October 12, 2008

Sunday Morning Ramblings

We slept in this morning. Seven a.m. by the time we became conscious enough to get our feet on the floor. We're still recovering from a late night this past Friday. Can going to bed at 2 a.m. be deemed a late "night"? More like going to bed of an early morning! No matter, we're getting back on an even keel.

It's another gray, misty morn. We've been in a prolonged period of this damp weather, but the temps have been staying warm. In the 50s overnight which is unusual for our territory when nearing the middle of October. Even the fall colors have stayed with us longer than usual this year. How much more pleasant can it get than that?

Psychologically, it's been keeping me out of the garden though. Still lots of clean-up to do but because the mild temps are allowing a few things to keep growing, and the rains are making the soil wet and glue-y, I haven't been able to make myself don mud boots and tear into it all. Still haven't dug our potatoes. Sure would like the soil to dry out before we have to do that. Hate dealing with muddy potatoes all winter.

The impatiens in my window boxes are looking about as bedraggled as they could and still be blooming. But I really need to pull them out, layer the boxes with pine boughs and set small, bright, happy orange pumpkins on top. Also time to get the Halloween decorations up in the house. Yupper, I'm gonna do both those things today. I am. I am. I really will get that done. Uh-huh.

Something else I'm going to do as soon as I finish typing this is switch my summer clothes for winter garb. We don't have ample space to keep all our clothing in closets or drawers, so twice a year I have to make the switch. Off-season clothing gets packed in plastic boxes up in our attic-like storage area. It's a pain hauling the 4-5 boxes back and forth, but doesn't really take that long once the project is started. It's the thought of doing it that seems undesirable and keeps me putting the task off.

I've still got those apples to work up into fillings for winter apple pies. Geesh. Every day I say I'm gonna get that done, but I want to be able to devote a block of time to it, and my days seem to get cluttered with all kinds of other little jobs that wreck any blocks of time.

I have chicken meat and chicken broth defrosted to use as a base for some Chicken Noodle Vegetable Soup that I want to throw together this morning. We butcher and put our old hens (and roosters) in the freezer once they've aged beyond the egg-laying stage of their lives. Then I stew them, long and slow, bone them and freeze the meat and broth for future use. Will make one heck of a goooood tasting soup for a misty day like today.

Perhaps if I'd get off my rusty-duster now, I could get some of these things done. 'Nuf rambling.

A later P.S.: Pictures following will show I did get a bit accomplished this morning. Do I get a gold star on my chart now?

Lots of green grass and lovely foliage still out there.

The above is a handful of a clump of mud in the potato patch. Yuck.

Sad impatiens being encroached upon by fall-colored Virginia Creeper vine.

Just to prove I can keep my word. I did get Halloween decorations up this morning. (Window boxes aren't done yet though. My head is hanging.)

Switching of summer and winter clothing. I did it, I did it, I did it! Whadda jumble.

Proof that I actually accomplished this, too. But I made one little faux pas. I salted the soup (liberally) because my chicken broth is usually very bland. Then I remembered seeing a recipe for chicken soup calling for soy sauce and thought that would add a little zip. Unfortunately, it also added a lot more salt! Now the soup is simmering with a halved potato in it to see if that will absorb some of the excess salt. Whoops. (Hey! Gimme a break here. I've only been cooking for 45 years!)

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