Friday, October 3, 2008

Someday We've Got to Get Organized

We're trying. To get organized. One of the jobs we designated for this summer (and are starting to get panicky regarding) is cleaning, sorting and organizing our storage shed. And panicky we should be as it would really be stretching it to say this is still summer. I mean it has been known to SNOW in October in these here parts. And sometimes snow a lot. But we're not going to go there right now . . . not with the length of the list of our many chores needing to be done before inclement weather sets in. (You'll notice in the following pictures, Roy has on his down jacket. A mite nippy out there it was yesterday.)

Back to the shed. I've been hinting to my better half that we really MUST take a couple of days and work on the storage shed project. He announced yesterday morning that he needed to put up some shelving before we could really do much constructive rearranging in said shed. So here's his work area just outside the door of the shed.

And here's a peek inside the open door.

Yep, uh-huh, oh yeah. We need to do a little work on this.

There's progress being made in here, folks. The framework for the new shelves is almost complete.

I'm secretly hoping when we get to the actual cleaning and sorting, a lot of this stuff can be gotten rid of. But because my husband is a "saver", I'm not going to be too surprised to not see that happen. Oh, well, it will all be a lot neater and more organized at any rate. And best of all, WE CAN CROSS THIS JOB OFF OUR LIST!

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