Thursday, October 23, 2008

Home . . . With a New Hat

Home again, home again, jiggety-jog. That was my grandma's mantra each and every time she arrived back home. Roy and I arrived home late last night after a two-day road trip in which we covered approximately 754 miles and logged in about 14-1/2 hours on our posteriors in the truck. Home again, home again, jiggety-jog. ("Come here and give me a hand, honey, I don't think I can get out of the truck.")

We've had a date for six months for our bi-annual check-ups at our dentist's which is close to three hundred miles from here. We choose to make this trek twice a year because our dentist is a holistic practitioner, an excellent technician, and highly skilled in the tricky job of removing mercury amalgams from teeth. I had this procedure done about five years ago, but because of the expense, Roy's been having it done one or two fillings at a time at each check-up. But, we're happy to report, his last two mercury fillings were removed this trip. One more biggie we can cross off our list.

From the dentist's, we continued a hundred or so miles farther south to friends of ours who farm down in the part of our state where they actually have soil . . . and it's lovely, rich, makes-me-so-envious-I-wanna-cry, BLACK soil. There we visited and loaded the truck with some winter grain for the livestock before heading home.

I was a real rinky-dink on this trip and didn't even offer to drive. I just took advantage of riding shotgun to spend time knitting a new winter hat for my favorite husband, interspersed with a little navigation help now and then.

Here's Roy right after I plopped the hat on his head for a first-time fitting while he was reading in bed Tuesday night. Notice needles and yarn still sticking out from top of hat. (No wonder he says he didn't sleep well that night.)

I spent a little time today finishing the last few rows and here it is . . . all done. The pattern called for two tassels dangling from cords attached to the very top, but he's just not a tassel kind of guy and requested I forget about them. And I guess it looks fine tassel-less. Gotta keep the man happy.

(I tried and tried to get Zoey in this shot but she was more interested in rolling in the leaves than sitting up and smiling.)


Chicken Mama said...

First off, that hat is BEAUTIFUL, Mom!

Secondly (and this is particularly funny considering what YOU wrote), the minute I looked at the picture of Dad wearing it outside, I thought, "All it needs is a little tassle!" Shoulda known better.

Thirdly, I'll bet I know of someone who's gonna take one look at that hat and say, "I want one for Christmas!"

And, finally, didja get Dad drunk in order for him to let you take that picture of him with the partial hat on? (And, more to the point, does he know you've posted it here?! But, oh, that's right - he doesn't read either his wife's or daughter's blogs.)

RuthieJ said...

That hat turned out beautifully! I think I recognize that pattern--is it from the Charlene Schurch book?