Thursday, September 25, 2008

Technology is Great - When It Works

We had one whopper-doo of a storm night before last and since then our hi-speed internet service has been kaputz. Repairman isn't scheduled to arrive until next Wednesday. So temporarily I'm back on dial-up. Don't know how much luck I'll have with this post and/or pictures, so bear with me.

Nothing close to a killing frost yet up here in the near-tundra. Here's a nice looking Red Kuri squash in my garden that's about 8-9" across. If only it has time to turn red.

I have so many lovely, large pumpkins. This one is at least 36" around. But again, time to mature (pumpkins really should be orange, right?) is needed.

I was supposed to be away from home all day today but there was a change of plans at the last minute so I'm regrouping and hoping to make it an applesauce-making day. Won't the house smell good then! What a great time of year.

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