Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Tail End of Another Slow Day on the Homestead

Oooof. I'm tired. I was going to have today's batch of pickles done before dinner time tonight, but then I thought I'd better go check to see if I should pick beans. And, of course, there were about a gazillion of the little buggers just hanging on the bushes, taunting in a sing-song voice, "Pick me, pick me, ya better pick me."

Dear Husband volunteered to help. (Oh, thank you, thank you, thank you.) It's true: a chore goes more than twice as fast when there is someone else working along side you. This afternoon, I think I would have expired in the bean patch without his much appreciated assistance.

Back in the house, I crammed the beans in the refrig. (I really need another refrigerator this time of year. And I already have a spare in the entryroom besides the one in the kitchen.) The beans will have to wait until tomorrow to be prepped, blanched and frozen. The kitchen was more than a bit of a mess with my pickles half done, Roy in the midst of making a crock full of dills that will age in the basement (the old-fashioned way), and me trying to put together a meal for us. Oh, yeah, and Zoey the Wonder Dog had to be right in the middle of everything because it was her dinner time, too.

Neither of us had finished up our respective pickle projects when dinner was ready so we made room (just barely) on the table for our two plates and kinda hurried through our meal. Then I had to do dishes and tidy up before I could even manage to finish my project. (No room to function.) So I just now at 8:15 p.m. took eight jars out of the canner. Roy's crock-full is in the basement starting to do its thing. The house definitely smells like Eau d' Pickle ('scuse my French, I have no idea if that phrase comes close to really meaning anything), and I'm so pooped I'm wondering if I can go to bed without taking a shower tonight. But, hey, no real complaints here. I'm doing what I want to do. I just wish there wasn't so much of it right now.

P.S. Yes, Zoey did get her dinner on time tonight, too.

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