Thursday, July 3, 2008

Photo Interruptus

For anyone out there actually reading my blog, you will have noticed that my entry of July 1st is definitely missing some pictures. (Will I never get this right?)

After much hair pulling, head banging and a few really b-a-d words, turns out I couldn't have gotten the pictures inserted into the blog even if I were not so danged technologically challenged. (That should make me feel better but at this point I'm still extremely frustrated over the whole situation.) DD (dear daughter), who seems to have inherited a massive amount of talent in the technological field via the atmosphere or environment or outer space or somewhere, thinks she has diagnosed the problem. Now she just needs to find the time to sit in front of my computer . . . and fix it. This, unfortunately, won't happen until next week, however, as she's booked solid through the coming weekend.

So in the meantime, she has found a way for me to get the pictures to her where she, in turn, can insert them into my blog entry. It's a long, time-consuming, convoluted method but it is working so we'll keep slogging along until we get all the pictures inserted . . . or she can get here to convince my computer to do what it should have been programmed to do in the first place.

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