Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Why Am I Tired?

This morning a little before 8 o'clock, our dear neighbor stopped over to do some catching up and have a cup of coffee. I said hello and then came back here to my desk in the bedroom to pay a bill or two, do some ordering on-line, and make a couple of phone calls. It was hard to concentrate on my tasks while keeping half an ear on the conversation in the kitchen where it sounded like the guys were having way too much fun without me.

Shortly after 9, D said he had to leave and get into town to make sure things were running smoothly there. (Ya gotta keep an eye on things, ya know.) I got ready to leave for a 9:30 appointment in town and Roy headed out to have a piece of small machinery repaired in a friend's home shop.

We both arrived back home about 11:30, had a quick lunch and went outside to do some garden/yard work. And what a joy to be outside today! It was the first day we've seen more than a fleeting glimpse of sunshine in a coon's age. Had about five full hours of it. Temp was in the high 60's with a soft breeze, and no bugs yet. Does it get any better?

When we staggered in at 6 tonight for dinner of pizza (not as bad as it sounds as it was at least homemade, albeit out of the freezer --- and there wasn't enough of it), we had had a pretty full afternoon. Roy had emptied two 4 x 8' wooden compost heaps and transferred the material to a new free-standing compost area which he fenced in with electric fence to keep the dog out, moved a 4 x 4' wooden compost crib from the poultry yard to the bottom of the garden area, replaced the rotting boards of two 4 x 8' garden beds, and filled in a low spot in the yard with three wheelbarrows of dirt. Meanwhile, I weeded two flower beds, planted a 4 x 8' garden bed of radishes, and 64' of shell peas. Then together we dug out and got rid of 5 shrubs that had never been happy in the spot where we planted them nine years ago (there comes a time when ya just gotta cut your loses and yank 'em out), transplanted one bleeding heart, a leopard's bane which we divided into four plants, and 3 delphiniums.

Not a bad afternoon's work. And I honestly do love the tired feeling you get from having done physical work out in the fresh air. Now if I can just move my body enough to leave this chair, get into the shower and a clean pair of jammies . . . manomanomano, is bed gonna feel good tonight.


Chicken Mama said...

And . . . what are you going to do with 32 square feet of radishes?! Blech! Radishes taste like spicy dirt.

FSIL said...

Thank you